Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tenzin in Japan part 6 - Izu and west Japan

Following our concerts in Touhoku and visit to a tsunami affected area, there were still 5 more concerts to go!  14 concerts in 14 days, what an epic journey - Taro informs me that we covered 3121km.  In this last part of the tour, we didn't have much time to visit scenic areas, though we did have quite a few nice baths in various super sentos.  The weather was really very hot!  I think by this time we managed to settle on a semi-regular set list too.  We've taken quite a few videos so I may yet post one more blog from this tour... (You can read the Japanese tour wrap-up including videos here.)

In the meantime, while Tenzin has returned home I will be in Japan until September 13 and have another 10 shows to play, much more firmly in Indian classical music field.

 Sat 6 August Izu, Organic Cafe Chant

Afghan folk duo Chalpasah drove down from Tokyo to see our show, so we simply had to ask them to play as well.  Really wonderful music!

 Tenzin and Keiichi Satow of Chalpasah had a little instrument swap session - rabab for dranyen

 1000 year old tree in a Shinto shrine in Itou, Izu

 Sun 7 August Nagoya, Alphaville

 Mon 8 August Osaka, Chakra

 Tue 9 August Osaka, Avalon

Wed 10 August Kobe, Chicken George - not a KFC copy as the name might indicate, but in fact one of the biggest most famous live houses in Kansai, since 1980.  Wonderful sound system!

Many more photos on my Facebook album.

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