Friday, August 12, 2011

Tenzin in Japan part 2 - Saitama

From Tokyo the Snow Lion crew headed north to Oppe Gallery in country hills of Saitama.  Those funky country Japanese know how to party and we had a lot of fun with Kin-chan and the gang up there. You can find the official (Japanese) blog report including this time in Saitama here.

 Sun July 31: Saitama, Oppe Gallery - In most concerts, Taro and Tenzin performed a beautiful flute duet along with Tibetan nomad song.  (Check out "Tibet: Awakened Heart" to hear both kinds of music.)

 Megumi is a big fan of Tibetan music and learnt some songs from Tenzin. 
(Please correct me if I've got the name wrong!)

 This party was actually the night before the Saitama concert.  Lots of Japanese chang and silly dancing until 4am!  After this Tenzin promised not to drink for the rest of the tour!

Many more photos on my Facebook album

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