Friday, August 12, 2011

Tenzin in Japan part 4 - Touhoku

From Nagaoka, on to Inawashiro and some very special concerts. Inawashiro is in Fukushima Prefecture, unfortunately best known now for the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster after the tsunami on March 11.  Much of the coastline was destroyed by the tsunami and then of course the area within 30km of the nuclear reactor was evacuated.  Many of these refugees are staying in hotels in the skiing and lake resort town of Inawashiro, which is protected from the radiation zone but a mountain range.  We played 3 free concerts in Inawashiro for refugees, before heading on to Sendai city in Miyagi Prefecture.

Wed 3 August Inawashiro, midday hotel concert: We were joined for all of these concerts by Eri Yamaguchi (vocal) and Masaaki Aoyama (throat singing, guitar), who combine to be "Aoyamaguchi", singing traditional and original Japanese folk songs.

Wed 3 August Inawashiro, afternoon garden concert

 Thurs 4 August Inawashiro Ski Resort. This was a very emotional concert, especially Aoyamaguchi's song "Furusato" (homeland), which had many people sobbing.

 Aoyamaguchi joined us for our still unrecorded finale, the very beautiful "Aum Mani Padme Hum"

 Lake Inawashiro

 Background radiation reading in Inawashiro.  This level is typical of many places around the world.  We can't be sure about soil and hence vegetable contamination though...

Thurs 4 Aug Sendai, Pangaea

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