Friday, August 12, 2011

Tenzin in Japan part 5: Tsunami zone

After our Sendai concert we had a day off, in a manner of speaking - just a 9 hour drive south to Izu!  But first we visited Matsushima, a beautiful seaside area just north of Sendai.  Low-lying areas of central Matsushima were "merely" flooded, because it was largely protected from the March 11 tsunami but the offshore islands, but nearby areas were suffered massive destruction.  Touristic central Matsushima was fully restored to normality and we enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch, but 5 months after the tsunami the areas we saw nearby are far from clear.  I am posting these photos because there is a lot of discussion and fear about the nuclear disaster, and I feel everyone is forgetting the terrible suffering caused by the tsunami along 800km of east Japanese coastline.  This area is quite far from the radiation zone.

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