Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sangeet Mishra 2010 tour

I've just completed part 1 of a round of concerts with 8th generation sarangi player Sangeet Mishra. I first met Sangeet in Varanasi when I went to practise with his uncle Sukhdev, and last year Sangeet, Taro and I went on a big tour down to Melbourne and back. This year we're just doing a few shows around the Brisbane-Byron area.

Thurs Apr 22 - Tabla Student Concert

I had my best 3 students Indi, Arka and Sanjey each get together a half hour tabla solo to take advantage of the great opportunity to be accompanied by a professional sarangi player. The boys did really well; I'm so proud of them. Our tabla school's next big event is our annual concert on Guru Purnima, July 25 in Mt Gravatt.

Fri Apr 23 - Caloundra

We headed up to the Sunshine Coast where my friend Matt Earsman had offered to get something together for us at late notice at the Yoga and Dance Cafe in Caloundra. On the way we picked up my partner Yuki Taniguchi, who opened all of the concerts with her beautiful meditative Sanskrit mantras. Sangeet presented Puriya Dhanashree in vilambit and drut teentaal and after a break I played tabla solo in Basant Taal (9 beats) and we concluded with a bhajan - Ragupathi Raghava, and a little kirtan with Matt.

Sat 24 Apr - Home concert in Fig Tree Pocket

Rahim Zullah organised a home concert for us at the home of Mahesh and Varsha Narotram - many thanks! This became quite a mehfil, opening with Yuki's mantras and the main item, Sangeet performing Raga Vachaspati in vilambit rupak taal and teentaal and Thumri Manj Khammaj. After a break young Vivek Narotram presented Raga Yaman, Rahim some bhajans and ghazals, and Tahir Qawwali some Punjabi Geets, all accompanied by me on tabla and Sangeet on sarangi.

Sun 25 Apr - afternoon recording, evening concert in Byron Shire

On Sunday we headed down to Byron Shire and first up went to Tahir Qawwali's place in Goonengerry, where he wanted to record Sangeet on a song for his new album.

Then in the evening we went to our regular Ocean Shores home concert venue, Paul Kimmel's Temple of Melodious Sound. As always the audience were numerous and attentive, creating an excellent atmosphere for some powerful musical journeying. After Yuki's opening mantras, Sangeet presented Puriya Kalyan in vilambit ektaal and drut teentaal, followed by Thumri Khammaj. We were joined by Tahir and his partner Barbi for some Qawwali-influenced Pakistani songs. Fantastic!

Mon 26 Apr - afternoon home concert with Swara Mohini

Brisbane Indian cultural association Swara Mohini organised a small home concert for us in the afternoon. Local sitar player Shrabani Choudhury opened the programme with a very sweet Madhuvanti and a light piece in Desh based on Rabindra Sangeet. After Yuki's mantras, Sangeet performed Hemavati in vilambit ektaal and drut teentaal, and a Thumri.