Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My new Varanasi room

Hi folks,

I've now been in Varanasi for a few weeks and thought I'd show some snaps of my lovely new room. Well... it's usually lovely, except that in the last week Varanasi has been suffering through cold rainy windy weather - a late January monsoon in the first week of Feb - and my windows weren't latchable so my room became very cold and wet!

But here are some more positive views...

The view from my front step.

Another front-step view...

Nya (the kitten) and Buju (the puppy) are often playing. Usually Buju is stronger but Nya doesn't hold back, and usually initiates things! Nya often comes to sleep under my blankets at night. Very cute!

The inside of my room. You can see the view through the closed window. (I should have closed all the windows to get the Ganga view too...)

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