Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rosecliffe Street

Hi folks,


I've just moved into a well-known Brisbane house - 45 Rosecliffe St - home of my old compadre Alicia who is currently teaching English in Oman. Above is a photo of the current Rosecliffe Crew - Melissa (artist, art-lover, and previous housemate in both Brisbane and Varanasi), Sean (poet and fellow Rosecliffe newcomer), Jayne (earth-woman and shanti viber), and myself. You can just see the Brisbane river in the background, behind the wild growth that is our back garden, full of scrub turkeys, possums, carpet snakes and other critters. I sit on this balcony every day after work, drink a cup of tea and come back to now.

Here's a photo of our dining room, complete with mural by afore-mentioned Alicia-chan.

Otherwise, life is pretty similar to last year - working weekdays doing some web design, teaching a few tabla students, rehearsing EthnoSuperLounge (the Tibeto-Persian reggae group with tabla), and trying to keep my own practice up. Planning ahead too, for a trip to Japan July-October, and the festival season in Australia October-January, before the return to Mother India.

Love to all
Aum Mani Padme Hum