Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Osaka & Kyoto concerts

I had two very enjoyable concerts with talented sitar players this weekend.  Firstly in Osaka, I joined Tadao Ishihama for Calcutta Night Vol 77.  Yes that's right, the 77th edition of his monthly concert at Cafe Amanto, in a 120 year old house in central Osaka.  Tadao is playing really well and we had a lot of fun.  Not only that, but we got to enjoy Tadao's fantastic Indian cooking.  Then the next afternoon we headed up to my old home Kyoto for an afternoon concert with Yasuhiro Minamizawa in famous world music shop, Koizumi Gakki.  In both cases we played together without rehearsal for the first time in 2-3 years, and it was fantastic - that is one of the big pluses for Indian classical music.  We can always play together and create something new within the improvisational framework.  It's such a pleasure for me to come to Japan and play with many talented and varied Indian classical musicians.

 Performing with Tadao Ishihama in Cafe Amanto, Osaka

The delicious meal Tadao whipped up for us - channa masala, potato shimeji (mushroom) curry, cucumber broccoli raita, and lots of puris!

 Afternoon concert at Koizumi Gakki, Kyoto, opened with Yuki's mantras

 Accompanying Yasuhiro Minamizawa in Kyoto

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