Sunday, December 21, 2008

EthnoSuperLounge Turkish Flamenco on C-Realm

Another of my tracks was played on this week's episode of the C-Realm podcast, Episode 133: Jaguar and Pilgrim. KMO's selected musical interlude was part of the finale song of my 2004 EthnoSuperLounge Home Concert series, from the Turkish Flamenco concert featuring Feridun Avar (Turkish vocal), Andrew Veivers (flamenco guitar) and Ben Kashi (Persian santoor).

Here's the blurb on the episode:
KMO welcomes Robert Tindall to discuss the experiences that inform his new book, The Jaguar that Roams the Mind: An Amazonian Plant Spirit Odyssey. Topics discussed include the nature of addiction, the role (helpful or harmful) of so-called "Ayahuasca tourism," and the relationship between entheogenic exploration and psychedelic recreation.

Music by EthnoSuperLounge.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tibet2Timbuk2 on Weekend Planet (ABC Radio National) this Saturday

Doug Spencer of ABC Radio National's Weekend Planet will be playing a track from Tibet2Timbuk2's debut CD "Music is Life" this Saturday Dec 13, between 10pm-12pm.

PS You can listen to the program via this link. Apparently the song was played at 1138pm, so you should be able to hear it in the second hour of the program.

BEMAC 21st Anniversary Gala Concert

On Tuesday 15th November I played with my new jazz-world fusion group Jaadu at the BEMAC 21st Anniversary Gala Concert. BEMAC stands for BrisbanE Multicultural Arts Centre, and they have been doing fantastic work in supporting multicultural arts in Brisbane since long before I started playing tabla. Unfortunately BEMAC has lost the support of Arts Queensland operational funding, and are struggling to redefine themselves as an independent body. I'm told that the state government prefers to "put all it's multicultural eggs in one basket" and has been funding the annual Qld Multicultural Festival in preference to other smaller projects.

Anyway, BEMAC Gala Concert was pretty successful with a whole host of performers playing for free in a massive 13 act variety show. Please give support to BEMAC and let's hope they can come through this crisis.

Fiesta Tropicale, who have been performing at BEMAC functions since the very beginning

Afusionistics - example of current BEMAC-sponsored arts, bringing together traditional African percussion with rap and traditional and contemporary dance

The Ghost - Ceri McCoy, Sebastian Flynn, Martin Reese

Rahim Zullah with Ravikesh Singh (tabla) and Francis Gilfedder (yidaki)

Saman Indonesian Dancers

Colombian Dance Group Qld

Dharmaka Bollywood Dancers

Zhiva Voda - Bulgarian vocal

Jaadu - acoustic jazz-world fusion

Jaadu: L to R - Asim Gorashi (Sudan - oud, vocal, whistling), Shen Flindell (tabla), Ravi Welsh (guitar), Robert Welsh (piano)

South African Carnivale

Tibet2Timbuk2 CD Launch @ Brisbane Powerhouse

On Saturday Nov 15, Tibet2Timbuk2 launched our debut CD "Music is Life" at the Brisbane Powerhouse. It was a really nice concert, lots of good vibes and fun. We basically played through the CD track list, with a bit of chat, and gave a full 90 minute set. Everybody seemed to like it. Many thanks to Perfect Potion for supporting us, producing the CD and launch gig and now selling our CDs through their shops.

  • Beautiful Girl
  • Ama
  • Crane Song - special guest Menaka Visvanathan (South Indian female vocal) opened the song with a beautiful alap and also sang some beautiful harmonies and solos
  • Tso Marpo
  • Lotus Born - special guest Peter Hunt on trumpet
  • Little Things - special guest Peter Hunt on trumpet
  • Jhi Chung
  • Music is Life / Menfanh - special guest Lansana Camara on kora and vocal, plus Menaka and Peter to throw in some solos too
  • Dawey Wola - finale song with everybody singing it up

Tibet2Timbuk2 CD launch finale
L to R: Lansana Camara, Marcello Milani, Shen Flindell, Menaka Visvanathan, Tenzin Choegyal, Peter Hunt

Friday, December 05, 2008

"Crane Song" on latest C-Realm episode

The latest C-Realm episode, 131: Rocky Top (show notes here), features Tibet2Timbuk2's award-winning Crane Song for the musical interlude. The main show features guest Albert K. Bates discussing possibilities of societal transformation and collapse, especially with regard to resource depletion and a return to local organic food production.