Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Welcome to ShenLand

Namaste, G'day, 今日は!!!

Welcome to my new personal blog.

Brief update on where I'm at now:
I've been living with my partner Orie in Ferny Hills, in the outer north-west suburbs of Brisbane for the last few months and will be staying here until January. We're staying with my old tabla student, Dan Prasad, who also works with me at Padma Imports, an Indian import warehouse in West End (inner city), moving boxes and putting together consignments of incense, Indian handicrafts, etc with a view to saving for India in January.

Soon after our arrival in late July we picked up Hilary, a 1976 Bedford van which was once an Australia Post delivery van but is now painted in flowers and many colours, with some rust here and there. The engine still goes just fine, although it is quite thirsty and I'm spending about $60 a week on petrol. It gets a lot of attention and kids especially love it.

More tabla students have been coming my way. On Monday evenings I drive out to Springfield and Middle Park in the western suburbs to teach 7 kids and 2 adults in a few group and private classes. It's lots of fun and very satisfying to see everyone's improvement. I now feel some responsibility to spend more time in Brisbane to continue helping their tabla.

On Sunday mornings Orie & I have been getting up at 4am to go down to the local markets and set up a Thai massage stall. I sit in front of the stall and play tabla for a few coins. Orie gets quite a few customers for 15 minute massages and a few more who come during the week for 2 hour treatments.

Not too many gigs but they're happening occasionally. Please see my Brisbane events page for news of my gigs and others around here. I also have a Japan events page with my friends' events there (and my own when I get there next).

Love to all
Aum Mani Padme Hum