Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taro + Sangeet 2009 part 1 - BrisByron (with video)

I've just completed my first "national" tour (in Australia, national usually means "at least a few states"), with sarangi player Sangeet Mishra and bansuri player Taro Terahara. We drove 4500km and did 13 gigs in 18 days, starting in Brisbane and Byron and then after a big drive through central NSW to Wangaratta, Castlemaine and Melbourne, then through Canberra and Sydney back home to Brisbane again. What an experience! I'm going to let the pictures do the talking, starting in this post with the BrisByron sector, the First Test...

Practice on first day - Taro and Sangeet had never met before. The good chemistry was evident from the start though.

An impromptu home concert on the Gold Coast. Thanks to Gerry Rosanove for hosting us.

Our first chance for a group publicity shot.

Home concert at the "Temple of Melodious Sound" in Ocean Shores, near Byron Bay. This was the biggest concert of the tour - I love home concerts! The tamboura player here is Matthew Weekes, with whom I have a sitar-tabla CD recorded several years ago.

The view from Ocean Shores. We also had a beautiful ocean swim that day - Sangeet's first!

Concert at Sri Saileshwara Sai Baba Temple in Brisbane

Sangeet at Sai Baba Temple

Home concert in St Lucia, Brisbane. This was an excellent concert, and the recording is available for download on my website. Coincidentally, this house was right next door to the place I lived in 1992 while studying at university.

Some video of the St Lucia home concert taken by concert attendee Craig.

Sangeet's first close-up meeting with a possum

Next tale in the Taro and Sangeet tour story, The Big Drive.

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