Sunday, May 10, 2009

T + S 2009 pt5 - Castlemaine Theatre Royal

Next stop for the Taro and Sangeet show after Wangaratta, we were lucky enough to be hosted by the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine, another historic gold-mining town in country Victoria. The backstage bed and breakfast was particularly note-worthy!

What a classic old place!

Poster for Lola Montes in 1856, attended by 400 diggers according to Wikipedia.
"To conclude with the extraordinary Terpsichorean Achievement
Mrs Gill will preside at the Pianoforte."

Shen, Sangeet and Taro at the Theatre Royal, Castlemaine

We were joined for the final piece for a jam with Philip Cheek. Philip and I played a lot together in the early days of EthnoSuperLounge - you can hear him on this page (tracks 3 and 4).

A ghost in the backstage bed and breakfast.

The backstage bathroom

The Harry Potter room under the stairs. Taro ended up in here, something to do with feeling at home in a Tokyo-sized apartment...

Next stop on the Taro and Sangeet express, Melbourne...

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