Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Night/Morning double header with Gauri Pathare

I had the honour and pleasure of accompanying Mumbai singer Gauri Pathare in two concerts last weekend - "Night Ragas" on Saturday night and then "Morning Ragas" the next morning. Just like my guru-ji used to tell me, I met the artist for the first time on the stage. In the opening piece, Raga Yaman, I had the chance to play vilambit jhoomra taal (a very slow 14 beat taal), which I think I last played in Japan two years ago, with Tim Hoffman. As usual I'm terrible at keeping track of which ragas were performed - they included Jogkauns and Bhairavi in the night concert and Ahir Bhairav in the morning - but of course I kept track of all the taals - vilambit jhoomra, a wide range of speeds of teentaal, vilambit and drut rupak, drut ektaal and various kehervas. Harmonium accompaniment was given by Joseph Abhay Nand. Thanks to Swara Mohini for organising the concerts.

Night Ragas

Morning Ragas

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