Sunday, May 10, 2009

T + S 2009 pt7 - Canberra/Sydney

After Taro, Sangeet and I completed our 5 days in Melbourne, we headed off to Canberra for a concert hosted by the India Australia Association of Canberra. We then wrapped up the tour with a home concert in Sydney hosted by Sydhwaney Sounds of Sydney and finally a concert at Yogaways in Terrigal, about 90 minutes north of Sydney. Many many thanks to all the organisers and hosts!

Autumn colours in Canberra - while the warm winters in Brisbane are really lovely, we don't get colours like these!

On the first day in Canberra we played in the Australian National University's School of Music for large audience of music students. No photos of the show though sorry.

We were absolutely blessed to be able to stay in my uncle's house about 45 minutes outside Canberra. This photo, though blurry, does capture quite a surreal view. The white lines in the distance are power generation windmills.

Taro and Sangeet practising at my uncle's house.

Our Sydney concert was opened by the host's daughter Sunanda Sharma on flute and Surinder Jeet Singh on tabla.

Shen, Sangeet and Taro performing at a home concert in Sydney. This was an excellent concert and I was very happy to have Sydney last on the tour schedule so we were well warmed up for the very knowledgeable audience there. This was my first Indian classical concert in Sydney! Hopefully we made a good impression....

Sydney city

Taro tells me that he invariably sees a rainbow at the end of a good tour

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The final concert in Yogaways, Terrigal

Sangeet left us here to return to India via Sydney. Thanks very much for coming on this amazing journey with us Sangeet! We learnt a lot and had lots of great experiences, and made a lot of excellent connections for the future.

Next, the final stage of our journey.

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