Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Global Soul Music poster

I've started organising concerts again! Not super publicity big gigs, but getting some nice musicians together in a nice space and playing some beautiful experimental cross-cultural music. Next Saturday is the first of my monthly "Global Soul Music" events at Core Yoga Studios in West End, a suburb of Brisbane with lots of artistic and interesting folks.

The musicians in this first concert are:
: Asim Gorashi from Sudan - oud, violin, vocals, whistling
: Cieavash Arean from Iran - tar, vocals, daf, ney, camanche, Persian santoor
: Vijaya Visvanathan from India - vocals (Carnatic)
: Shen from Australia - Indian tabla

We had a great rehearsal tonight. Oud, tar, tabla, tamboura and voices from Sudan, Iran and India - it's a really nice group.

We need a name! Any suggestions? Please leave a comment.

Full concert info and details about the artists, click here.

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