Friday, September 21, 2007

Forest House Band + playing for 400 kids

The gradually evolving Forest World Music Wednesday house band - Sammy (whistles, harmonic singing, etc), Ravi (jazz guitar), Shen (tabla), George (accordion)

Wednesday nights at The Forest vegetarian cafe are going really well. A few musicians are turning up regularly and there have been some very nice sound blends going down. Thanks to Ravi for the smooth jazz guitar, George for sensitive accordion, and Sammy for channeling spirits through his whistles and voice!

Playing for 400 Kids
No photos of this, but yesterday Asim Gorashi (great Sudanese musician living in Brisbane now) played for the final of the Wakakirri Story Contest Grand Final - our audience 400 primary school kids! It was so much fun. We played a couple of songs, and in between I did a tabla demonstration. Got the kids to say "tetekatagadiganadha!" They were really excited and wow, really fun.

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