Monday, September 17, 2007

Broadband = BUSY!!!

(Sorry, no photos this week - my camera's broken...)

Last Monday our long awaited broadband internet connection came, and suddenly I went from slow motion to super-busy as all the tasks I'd been putting off suddenly became urgent.

A few weeks ago I returned to Brissie from several months' travels in Japan and India, which was also a culmination of several years' gypsy life. While I expect there will be lots more gypsying about in the coming years, right now I'm pretty broke and have an intention to make the most of the possibilities for Indian classical and world music fusion in Australia. So for the next year I'll be quite settled in Brissie.

So for the last few weeks I haven't been doing much, just opening boxes which hadn't been opened in several years and making a nest. Settling into this place - Rosecliffe St, by the Brisbane River, near West End and all-up a pretty relaxed, organic, refreshing place to be.

I've been slowly starting to organise a few concerts - my weekly world music session at The Forest and a monthly EthnoSuperLounge event called Global Soul Music. I also have Taro Terahara coming to Australia in December so I'm planning a big concert in Brisbane with him. (Please check my Brisbane world music events page for details.) And at the same time I've been looking at ways to expand my tabla lessons.

Until last week I was doing all this pretty slowly, and putting off a lot of work until our broadband connection came - which happened last Monday! Suddenly super-busy! Lots of website work going on too, including a new look (complete) and an online shop (not yet...).

A bit of a stress, self-management. I really do wish I could just worry about nothing but practice.

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