Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Kyushu concert photos

More photos from my recently completed tour of Kyushu with Hide Iwai...

Playing at a home concert in Fukuoka (last Tuesday) - thanks to Amigo-chan for having us!

Our main concert, at Kumamoto International Hall, last Thursday

Hide @ Kumamoto International Hall - nice smile, hey?

Some people commented that it was really nice that we smiled at each other so much.
(Don't tell anybody - everytime we smiled it's because we made a mistake!)

Part of my tabla solo @ Kumamoto International Hall - something strange going on here, not sure what...

I found Kyushu to be quite spacious compared to other parts of Japan, and the people to be very warm, open and a little wacky. Really nice! It reminded me a bit of Australia. Thanks so much to Hide Iwai for inviting me to Kyushu and organising this tour. We had lots of fun travelling around Kyushu, visiting various onsens (see next post) and meeting really nice people. Thanks also to Chikako-san of Cafe Rinya for giving me a room this week.

Our Kyushu schedule was:
  • Mon Jul 2 - arrive Kokura, concert @ Brick Hall in Moji
  • Tue Jul 3 - home concert at Amigo's house in Fukuoka
  • Wed Jul 4 - bus to Kumamoto, settle at Cafe Rinya
  • Thu Jul 5 - concert at Kumamoto International Hall
  • Fri Jul 6 - concert at Gallery Ado (candle-lit)
  • Sat Jul 7 - free concert at Annapurna Farm (organic farming community workshop weekend), Gekkatei Onsen
  • Sun Jul 8 - concert at Bonga Curry
  • Mon Jul 9 - rest at Cafe Rinya
  • Tue Jul 10 - visit Mt Aso, Jigoku Onsen, home concert at Makoto's house in Nishihara
  • Wed Jul 11 - last onsen visit, back to Rinya
  • Thu Jul 12 - shinkansen to Kyoto

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