Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last day in Japan, Sydney trip

Last Day in Japan
On my last day in Japan, I went with Taro & Yuriko to a nice sushi restaurant in Chiba-ken. It was also their 10th wedding anniversary. We had some pretty fantastic sushi! One plate of sashimi was particularly fresh - how fresh? The fish it had been cut from was displayed on the plate with a skewer from its tail to its head, and every now and again the tail would twitch! It was bloody good though. :-)

Australia: Winter
I arrived back in Brisbane on July 21, and on July 25 headed to Sydney for a week, meeting a few musicians and hanging out with my cousin Ed.

Sky over The Gap

Sydney sky

Practising with Adrian McNeil (sarod) and Pt. Ram Chandra Suman (tabla) in Sydney

View from my cousin Ed's family home in Bungendore near Canberra

I also met and practised with Colin Berryman (sitar) in Blue Mountains near Sydney

Tomorrow I fly to Melbourne for 10 days, and hopefully there I'll be able to meet lots of musicians and friends too.

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