Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Concert report

グルジーコンサートは大成功でした! たくさんの人は「雰囲気はとてもすてきで、純情可憐だ」と言いました。シュジャートフセーンカーンさんはとても輝かしくて、本当にシタールマスターなの事が見えました。マヅップムヅガールさんもすごく妙技でした。とても純情可憐で、声がピュアです。そういう方の前演奏できる事なので、南沢さんと私はとてもうんがよかったでしょう。新聞でいい言葉が書いてありました。一番いいコメントはサンマールグという新聞にあった:
The second annual Ashu Babu Memorial Concert was a great success. There were many comments that the overall atmosphere was really nice, devotional and music-focused (as opposed to spectacle-focused). Shujaat Husein Khan was absolutely brilliant and showed himself to be a complete master of sitar. Padma Shri (like "Sir") Madhup Mudgal was likewise wonderful - so devotional, such a pure voice. And my friend Hiro Minamizawa and I were privileged enough to play before both of them! Lots of positive feedback, and good press too. Here is the nicest quote, from Sanmarg newspaper:

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Minamizawa astounded everyone with his rendition of Raag Puriya Kalyan on sitar. In this raag, he firstly played alap, jor, jhala, and then with compositions (gatkaari) in Teentaal completed a successful programme. The purity of the notes was praiseworthy in his performance. With him, Australian artist Shen Flindell, giving close accompaniment (saath-sangat) on tabla with complete maturity, made the programme attractive to the ear.

It took me a few hours with my Hindi-English dictionary just to translate the parts about us, so unfortunately I can't share the whole reports with you, but anyway you can read the press about Hiro-san and I here. Also, English sitar player Nick posted a review on the chandrakantha.com Indian music forum here.

Of course I'm very pleased with all the positive feedback on my playing, but most of all I'm happy that Guru-ji's family were so happy with Hiro-san's sitar playing, and that Hiro-san himself said "This was the greatest experience of my life!"

Next big event for me is Navaratri - 9 nights' non-stop practice in honour of Goddess Durga-maa. I think it starts on March 30.

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