Tuesday, March 14, 2006

After the bombs, pre-Holi

Hi folks,
ヴァラナシの生活は普通に行っています。先週のテロから、イスラムの方はたくさん手伝っています。U. Bismillah Khanのような有名な演奏者とコミュニティーリーダーはアタックを責めました。ヒンズーリーダーは「一緒に静かにいよう」と言っています。
Varanasi life goes on as normal. Since the bomb blasts last week, I've read so many stories of Muslim kids giving blood and helping victims in the hospital, famous musicians like Ustad Bismillah Khan and other community leaders condemning the attacks, and Hindu leaders calling for continuing communal harmony in this ancient spiritual city.

Tonight is the Hindu festival of Holika. In the middle of every crossing, large and small, there is a small tree and goddess image. Tonight lots of people will be drinking alcohol and bhang and compared to the light-heartedness of Shivaratri there's a much more menacing tone. Tomorrow morning is Holi, festival of colours, and the city (and the whole country) will become a battle zone. Everyone will be letting their inner gorilla out and throwing coloured water with water pistols and water bombs. Personally, I prefer to stay quietly in my room... From the afternoon, everyone gets polished up, puts on new clothes and goes to visit all their family and friends.

遂に、金曜日と土曜日は私の今年の一番大切なイベントです。グルジーのMemorial Concert。最近毎日7-8時間の練習していて、タブラが大好きになって、とてもゲンキです。京都のシタールの南沢
And of course on Friday and Saturday is the biggest event of my year - my Guru-ji's Memorial Concert. I'm fully psyched and full of energy, been practising about 7-8 hours a day for the last week or so and loving my tabla. My sitar buddy Hiro Minamizawa and I have been practising together lots too, and making a really good connection. Please pray for us!

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