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Book Release: Hindustani vocal compositions (Devashish Dey)

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Author Devashish Dey
Language: Hindi
Hardcover, 84 pages with two accompanying CDs
Copyright: Devashish Dey
Published by: Adinath Publication, Varanasi

A collection of khayal, tarana, thumri, Kajri, and
dadra compositions by Varanasi based vocalist
Devashish Dey, this volume is divided into four main
segments. The first segment contains khayal, tarana,
chaturang and ragamala compositions in traditional
ragas, while the second segment is devoted to
"swaraarth prabandh" or special and innovative
compositions where the song text is constructed from
the notes used in the composition. The third section
of the book focuses on thumri, dadra, jhoola and kajri
compositions, while the fourth and last segment of the
book features compositions in ragas created by the

Ragas featured in the book range from Yaman,
Vachaspati, Shuddh Kalyan, Bihag, Hemant, Malkauns,
Kirvani, Kalavati, Bilaskhani Todi and Puriya, to the
author's creations such as Renuka, Natwar Malhar.
Nandini and Rajat Jayanti.

The two CDs that accompany this collection contain
renditions of the compositions by the author Devashish
Indian Rupees: 450
US Dollars: 15

Subject: Newsletter - Underscore Records - February
08, 2006
We would like to introduce you to young but
accomplished performer-composers whose work is now
available on
Hindustani vocalist Devashish Dey has added his book
of compositions titled "Swatah-Sfurt Swarachit" to the
print catalogue distributed by Underscore Records. Two
companion CDs with the author singing his compositions
complement the book, which offers khayal, tarana,
chaturang, ragamala, thumri, dadra, kajri and jhoola
compositions in several raags.
For more information on the artistes and their work,
Greetings and regards from
Shubha Mudgal, Aneesh Pradhan and the team at
Underscore Records.

Devashish Dey
D31/46 Madanpura
Varanasi (U.P.) India 221001

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