Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Test posting using Zoundry Raven

This is a test posting using Zoundry Raven, an offline blogging application.

If it works, it'll be much easier for me to get up to date in blogging my recent activities in India. I usually only have time to get to an internet cafe for an hour or so every couple of days...

 {Edit 02/08/2014: I've just found that imageshack.com, the website which Zoundry Raven arranged for my images to be hosted on, is no longer hosting them. Hence all the posts I made with this software have lost their pics! I'll try to fix it... Not happy with Zoundry Raven, nor imageshack.}

Here's a snap of myself, Bappa-da and Shawn Mativetsky playing tabla in my Guru-ji's house a couple of weeks back:

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Bindu K.C. said...

Hello. I am looking to read Frances Ann Shepherd's dissertation on the Banaras Kharana. Is it possible? I am not able to access the pdf copies from India. Can you help me? My id is bindukc@aud.ac.in. Thanks.