Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Various Tokyo concerts

Before and after all my concerts with Tenzin Choegyal (including Sangeet Mela), I also had a few small Indian classical concerts of my own... Just for the record...

Wed 23 Sep Komae: Concert with Hide Iwai (sitar)
In previous years I've had some fantastic tours of Kyushu with Hide, an old friend from Varanasi. This year he was on his way to India but managed to arrange this little chance to play together. Thanks Hide! (I've got a new camera coming my way soon so hopefully no more blurry photos!)

Wed 30 Sep Kamakura: Kirtan with Yuki Taniguchi
Yuki has been having weekly nada yoga classes near her place in Kamakura, and she finished this series of classes with a special kirtan session, with guest tabla player Shen. Thanks Yuki-chan!

Wed 7 Oct Shibuya: Live with Yoshida Daikiti (sitar)
Daikiti-san invited me to play a couple of small shows in the spaces in our schedules, firstly in Okinawan bar Shimabukuro, then the next night in Krishuna, Shinjuku. This year was our first chance to really play together and we hit it off musically so hopefully next year we'll have some more shows together.

Sat 10 Oct Hiro-o: "Indo-Sai" with Steve Oda (sarod)
It was an honour to participate in this mini-festival, organised by sitar player and old friend from early Varanasi days, Aki Ueda and also featuring tabla player Amit Mishra and Kathak dancer Atsuko Maeda. It was an even greater honour for me to have the chance to accompany sarod master Steve Oda in the final act of the night. It was our first concert together.

Sun Oct 11 Kanda: Mantra workshop and Kirtan with Yuki Taniguchi
Yuki gave a 2 hour mantra workshop and followed it up with a short concert, primarily of Sanskrit mantras but finishing up with a little kirtan with tabla. After the event, Rakudoan (ostensibly a butoh dance event space) owner Hideo Sekino announced "from now this will be a politically incorrect party", and proceeded to treat us to a pleasant evening of interesting conversation, music and lots of wine.

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