Friday, October 09, 2009

Tenzin in Japan: part 3

The second round of Tenzin's concerts were also largely in Tokyo. We did finish up at the Gifu Sangeet Mela, but that's another story...

I'll be posting a selection of photos here but you can see a whole lot more on our Facebook album, "Tenzin in Japan".

Tue Sep 29: Jouenji Temple, Shinjuku, hosted by Tibet House Japan: This is one concert Tenzin managed to get happening himself, thanks to his initiative in contacting the Dalai Lama's representatives in Japan. Tenzin did some solo songs, followed by a presentation by Tashi Kunga, a Japanese performer of Tibetan classical music. After our group performance of some Tibet2Timbuk2 songs, Tenzin and Tashi had a little jam. Then we all went off to a big dinner with the Dalai Lama's representative. Many thanks to Tibet House.

Shen, Tenzin and Taro playing for the Dalai Lama's representative at Jouenji Temple, Shinjuku.

Tashi Kunga and Tenzin improvising on some Tibetan classical music

Thu Oct 1: Tokyo Salon, Aoyama: "Tokyo Gharana #1": A very special event, organised by Kathak dancer Atsuko Maeda. At this event, Tenzin was reunited with an old friend Nanaco, who helped pay for his first ever recording, years before he even left Dharamsala for Australia. It was also our final full concert with bansuri player Taro Terahara, with whom we had created a really tight trio with some beautiful arrangements. We were up quite late in the night drinking and chatting after this...

Atsuko dancing while Tenzin, Shen and Taro play Tibet2Timbuk2 song, "Tso Marpo"

Fri Oct 2: Dalia, Nihonbashi: Sitar player Kourou Itou kindly arranged this concert for us at handicrafts store Dalia. Kourou-san and I opened with an Indian classical set during which he played a beautiful raga mala around Raga Khammaj. Then Tenzin and I played a duo set, which after all those shows with Taro (and before that with guitar player Marcello when in Australia) seemed quite "bare". (I've had to do a lot more singing on this tour than I'm used to! But it's good for me.) We closed the night with a couple of improvised collaborations with Kourou-san, including a new song Tenzin made up especially that afternoon. Thanks to Kourou-san and Hisae-san of Dalia.

Shen, Tenzin and Kourou Itou jamming it up at Dalia on the final Tokyo concert of Tenzin's tour

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