Monday, November 17, 2008

Niigata with Taro Terahara

For my last concert in east Japan this year Taro took me and Yuki-chan (tamboura) up to Niigata to play in Ginzanji ("Silver Mountain Temple") in the town of Koide. Taro visits Niigata regularly to teach bansuri, vocal, sitar and tabla (unless he brings a tabla player with him), and give performances organised by the wonderful Rie Kimura.

Concert in Ginzanji. This was a new temple, and the statues of Buddha were yet to be installed. So we were blessed to have the opportunity to play there at that moment.

After the concert we went up to the actual Gin-zan ("Silver Mountain"), where a dam was built some years ago, submerging the original Ginzan-ji Temple. The temple we played in was a reconstruction of this old Ginzan-ji. Even though it was early in the autumn, at this altitude the leaves were already changing colour

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