Friday, November 21, 2008

Gina Sala healing singing concert in Osaka

On my second last night in Japan, November 2, I had a lucky last-minute booking, accompanying healing singer Gina Sala in her Osaka concert. The concert was organised by Amrita Media, who put on a beautiful presentation in the deluxe Osaka Cleo Nishi hall.

I met Gina for (we thought) the first time at sound-check and then while chatting in the green room, we realised we had met a few years previously in Varanasi, along with our mutual friend, santoor player Jimi Miyashita.

The event was all about healing and self-empowerment, and opened with two Japanese speakers, one an author on the power of positive thought, one a doctor speaking on holistic healing. Then Gina's 90 minute set covering a range of songs, mostly mantra and kirtan, but also including chanson, hymn and Latin American songs, and inspirational stories on the healing power of singing and music.

Yuki Iwata (translation), Gina Sala and Shen

Thanks very much to Gina Sala and to Yuki Iwata of Amrita Media for inviting me to play such a special concert. Thanks also to sitar player Tadao Ishihama for recommending me, and for the long drunken night after the gig! ;-)

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