Monday, September 08, 2008

Pangea Cafe with Nobi

On Sunday I played with sitar player Nobi, an old friend from Benares, at Pangea Cafe in Sakai Port, south Osaka. Pangea is a pretty cool "community cafe", right on the water, and they were having an exhibition of Indian photos, culminating in a night of Indian food, music and dance. Following our sitar-tabla performance (sitar solo in Rag Jog, vilambit, madhya lay, drut teentaal, Tabla solo vilambit teentaal), dancer Yukiko Mayuri presented some "movie dance" to Bollywood songs. We finished up with improvised dance with live music - a Uighur folk song and a Bengali folk song.

Shen, Nobi (sitar) and his wife Aya (tamboura)

Yukiko Mayuri, Shen, Nobi, Aya

Many thanks to Nobi and Aya for inviting me, and for hosting me in their beautiful rooftop apartment in central Osaka this week!

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