Monday, December 17, 2007

My tabla students

I've been back in Brisbane for 5 months now, and I've managed to accumulate a really nice bunch of tabla students, both kids and adults. Most of them come to my home but I also have a weekly kids class in Sunnybank (southern Brisbane).

Here are the kids, from smallest to biggest:

Navdha (5 years old)

Kanhaiya (7 - Navdha's brother)

Thejan (7)

Sanjay (11 - Thejan's cousin)

Krishanu (11)

Shane (11)

And here are the adults, beginning with the most recent additions to the family:




Rob (now learning more than 2 years)

Brent (now learning more than 3 years)

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TC said...

iii naa , boku mo yaritai!!!