Sunday, December 09, 2007

Life without electricity @ Rosecliffe

Rosecliffe St is without electricity for the foreseeable future, so this could be my last blog for a while... (or they'll be much less frequent anyway)

3am Saturday morning, after Taro & I had returned from a fantastic home concert on the Gold Coast with singer Pinaki Bose, a really strong storm passed through Brisbane. I was jerked awake by a shower of sparks above me, which went on for a few seconds before stopping abruptly. All our electricity was out, and has remained so since.

The electrical cable to our house passed through a tree which was blown about by the storm, pulling the cable-attachment on the house out. The landlord has been incredibly negligent with our house and there's now considerable repair to be done before Energex will re-connect us.

That same day was the day of Taro & my big concert at City Hall, so the after-party back home was a candle-lit affair, depending on ice in an esky to keep drinks cool. Any music was made by real people and a lot of the conversation revolved around the possibilities for life without mains electricity. Pedal-power generators for 12V batteries?

Many postulate that the current economic system will inevitably collapse and so we will have to return to a much lower energy usage lifestyle. We're leading the way, you see.

It's very peaceful without electricity, actually.

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