Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tibet2Timbuk2 with Menaka (concert photos)

Wow, the other night's Global Soul Music (Vol 3) featured some really wonderful music. I am really happy with all the music I have been involved with recently. Ten years of playing music with various folks in Brisbane on and off is really starting to bear fruit now.

Tibet2Timbuk2 with special guest Menaka Visvanathan

Shen and Menaka

Tenzin and Marcello

Tenzin, Marcello and myself have been playing together on and off for many years now, and especially as the 3-piece Tibet2Timbuk2 in the last couple of years. Last week's concert at BEMAC allowed us to collaborate with Sudanese musician Asim Gorashi, and this week we invited beautiful Indian singer Menaka Visvanathan to join us. She really added a lot to the group and we will definitely work with her again. Not only did she sing some beautiful South Indian classical vocal and devotional bhajans, but she also added harmonies to Tenzin and Marcello's songs in a more Western style. Very versatile and talented with a bright future - I've known Menaka since she was 16 and I'm enjoying seeing her blossom now.

Unfortunately, unlike last month's Global Soul Music, audience numbers were back down to around 20 this month. It is very disappointing for me. I really believe in the music we are producing, but I do hope for more support from the community. Hopefully if I can continue this monthly event for a while yet, with the support of musicians (who likely won't get paid), this small devoted audience will grow into a bigger regular crowd.

SET 1:
  1. Beautiful Girl (Tenzin-Marcello song with solos by Menaka)
  2. Tenzin Solo + jam on Tenzin's song
  3. Tabla solo (lehera by Tenzin)
  4. Menaka solo vocal
  5. Bhajan: Hey Govinda (all)
  6. Bhajan: Hare Krishna
SET 2:
  1. Time Doesn't Wait/Murali (a blend of Marcello's new African song with an Indian song by Menaka)
  2. Murphy's Law (Marcello song, including Tenzin on flute)
  3. Bhajan: Jay Jay Govinda
  4. Bhajan: Rama Rama Jay Raja Ram
  5. Dawe Wola (Tibet2Timbuk2 song - joined by Peter Hunt and Sam on trumpets)
  6. White Crane (Tibet2Timbuk2 song - joined by Peter Hunt and Sam on trumpets)
  7. Music is Life (Marcello song joined by all)

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