Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tibet2Timbuk2 concert photos

On Friday night Tibet2Timbuk2 played a concert for BEMAC's Cultivart Program. BEMAC stands for Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre and their Cultivart program is for presenting new world music projects. It was a really nice concert, with diverse range of music from Tenzin Choegyal's Tibetan nomad songs, my own Indian classical tabla solo, Asim Gorashi's Sudanese songs, Marcello Milani's Afro/pop/reggae songs, and the combination of all.

The recent funding cut to BEMAC and a number of other cultural organisations in Queensland cast a shadow over the evening. It's possible this might have been the last ever BEMAC event. All the artists involved told stories about how BEMAC has been important for helping us become world music performers. It would be a real shame if BEMAC was forced to cease operations - please write an email to the Queensland Premier to express support for BEMAC.

Asim Gorashi and Marcello Milani

Tenzin, who just got back from 3 months in USA the day before the gig!

Shen performing tabla solo

Marcello singing one of his songs

Asim Gorashi in the mood on violin

Many thanks to Richard McLaren for the photos

First set:
  1. Beautiful Girl (Marcello/Tenzin collaborative song)
  2. Himalaya (Tenzin's song, solo then group accompaniment)
  3. Tabla Solo (Shen with lehera by Tenzin)
  4. Allah (beautiful song by Asim on guitar with Marcello and Shen)
  5. Music is Life (Marcello song, Asim on violin, Tenzin on flute, Shen on tabla)
  6. Radio (Asim's song, playing oud with Marcello and Shen)
Second set:
  1. Sudani (Asim's song, playing violin with Marcello and Shen)
  2. Murphy's Law (Marcello solo, then accompanied by Asim and Shen)
  3. Zim Jam (African-style song by Marcello with Asim and Shen)
  4. Dawe Wola (Tenzin's song accompanied by all)
  5. White Crane (Tenzin's song accompanied by all)
Please visit to hear studio versions of some of these songs.

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