Monday, August 31, 2020

Woodford 2019-20 with Sunita Tikare, and a few more shows with Sangeet Mishra

After my 2019 Japan tour in October, things were pretty quiet for me until Woodford-time, when we were graced with performances by visiting Mumbai-based artists Sunita Tikare (vocal) and Sangeet Mishra (sarangi). Sunita flew in just for her Woodford performances, which were just lovely, while Sangeet stayed on for a week afterwards for a few little home and community concerts. Little did we know at the time that these would be my last concerts accompanying international artists for some time...

Fri 27 Dec - Wed 1 Jan Shen & Yuki @ Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20
Day 1: "Bombay In Morning Light" - Shen with Sunita Tikare and Sangeet Mishra

Day 2: "The Worldly Violin" - sarangi solo by Sangeet with Shen on tabla.

Day 3: "Melodic Beauty of Indian Ragas" - Shen, Sunita and Sangeet.

Day 4: "Indian Music Under the Stars" at the Folklorica Outdoor Stage: Shen, Sunita and Sangeet.

Day 5: "Indian Sunset Concert"

Day 6: Sangeet and I joined Tenzin Choegyal's "Hilltop Sunrise Ceremony"

Day 6: "Raags: Serene to the Ecstatic" (Sangeet and I had another concert on Day 5, but no photos.)

For the 50th anniversary of John and Yoko's "Bed Peace" - Shen, Yuki and Saraswati.

Fri 3 Jan Willawong: Kirtan Sangeet - Devotional Music and Sarangi Concert feat. Sangeet Mishra - Sangeet and I joined devotional singer Atul Deshpande for a community event.

Sat 4 Jan Sunshine Coast: Sarangi master Sangeet Mishra with Shen (tabla) - Home concert hosted by the Jha family in Buderim - many thanks for hosting my last classical concert before COVID times.

Sun 5 Jan morning Brisbane: Alaap Meditation #2: Sangeet Mishra (sarangi) - The second edition of our "Alaap Meditation" series, where we have renowned artists performing just alaap for a meditative morning audience. Thanks to Sanjeev Hiremath for hosting this event.

Alaap Meditation #2 audience and artist.

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