Tuesday, February 05, 2013

United Nations of Indian Classical Music in Lighthouse, Oxley

After the joys of United Nations of Indian Classical Music in Mullumbimby, the follow-up concert in Brisbane didn't quite turn out as expected. Ex-tropical cyclone Oswald really hit Brisbane on January 27 and the strong wind and rain made it more dangerous to drive. When we saw reports of road closures all around town including the actual streets of the venue, we realised it was time to cancel the concert. (It has since been re-scheduled to Saturday 23rd February.)

By the time we'd decided to cancel the concert, Tahir and Barbi were already most of the way to Brisbane and kept coming. We also had tabla master Maharshi Raval at our house from Sydney and of course Taro and Yuriko over from Japan, so with a full house of musicians what to do but have an impromptu home concert?! Unfortunately it wasn't worth the risk for Saikat to come up from his place and of course there was no room for Bharat Natyam dancer Mathuja Bavan (who we'll get to see at the rescheduled concert), but the rest of us put on our kurtas and saris and put on a show. We also set up live video streaming online with about 50 viewers (archive here).  Our friends from Rosecliffe St and co-promoter Dana came over, as well as new friend Alana who saw the update on the BEMAC website, and also took some fantastic photos. You'll be able to tell which photos are hers and which are from my little camera...

 Yuki Taniguchi Flindell - Dhrupad Raga Yaman in Dhamar and Sooltaal. Tabla accompaniment by Shen Flindell

 Tahir Qawwal with Maharshi Raval

 Rosecliffian Feridun Avar is a great Turkish singer. I requested that Tahir have a session without warning at the end of his set, which was most enjoyable.

The last scheduled act was a sitar-bansuri jugalbandi with two tabla. Without Saikat we went ahead and had bansuri with two tabla. Raga Megh in vilambit and drut teentaal.
Taro Terahara - bansuri, Maharshi Raval and Shen Flindell - tabla, Yuriko Terahara - bansuri

More photos in my Facebook album, United Nations of Indian Classical Music 2013.

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