Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Masters of Sarangi tour

This August I was lucky and blessed to have a tour around the Brisbane region with sarangi masters, Pt Santosh Mishra (Varanasi) and his son Sri Sangeet Mishra (now based in Mumbai). If you've seen concerts in Varanasi there's a very good chance you've seen Santosh-ji accompanying some great singer or tabla soloist, as he is invariably invited to all concerts for his great accompaniment. Santosh-ji and Sangeet-bhai's duets were just marvellous, as they naturally played together in a true jugalbandi - two people playing as one. In all we had 8 performances and I'm very much looking forward to their next tour! I've posted a larger selection of photos in my Facebook album, "Masters of Sarangi".

We participated in the Indian Independence Day function at Qld Conservatorium on 15 Aug.

Our first full concert was a home concert at Sim and Pat Symons home in Sunshine Coast. Yuki opened all of our concerts with Dhrupad or Bhajan (depending on the concert), accompanied by Sangeet-bhai's lush sarangi.

On Saturday afternoon we went up to Toowoomba to join Tenzin Choegyal in his concert there. We just performed a short raga, and 3 of the attendees drove all the way to Bracken Ridge (2 hours each way) for our full raga concert that night!

Bracken Ridge concert

We had the first home concert at our new house in Oxley
- what a way to inaugurate our new home!

The Nimbin concert was the biggest of the tour.
Many thanks to promoter DanaLee Mynard of Spirited Productions.

Nimbin concert

Workshop at Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores home concert - a packed house!

Final concert in Mt Gravatt, thanks to Swara Mohini's Anant Bellary.
Opened by sitarist Smt Shrabani Choudhury.

We had such a great time at all the concerts, but especially the last one :-)

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