Monday, September 26, 2011


For the last weekend of August Yuki and I went to Fukuoka, where Yuki was giving Nada Yoga workshops all weekend at Yoga Limt.  I joined her for a small concert on the Saturday evening, where we did our now usual programme of mantras, kirtans and tabla solo.  I didn't do much else while in Fukuoka except for eating at the delicious Daiichi Udon, the best eating place within walking distance of our accommodation courtesy of our old Fukuoka friend Amigo-chan.  Thanks Amigo!  Also thanks to sitar player Hide Iwai who came from Kumamoto to see us and practise together. 

Concert with Yuki at Yoga Limt, Fukuoka
The udon king at Daiichi Udon, Ikinomatsubara, Fukuoka
Goubouten bukkake udon - yum yum yum!

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