Monday, May 30, 2011

Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre Fundraiser

On 14th May I was invited to give tabla accompaniment in two performances at the 7th annual Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre Fundraiser. It was a lovely evening and very well organised, with a number of excellent South Indian student performances including the vocal students of Vijaya Visvanathan. The final item was a sitar recital by Dr Indranil Chatterjee - raga mala in keherva taal. This was my first opportunity to even hear Dr Chatterjee's sitar, and I was very surprised how lovely he played. Unfortunately for us music lovers he is too busy as a medical doctor to give many performances! I look forward to the next chance to play with him.

Students of Vijaya Visvanathan (accompanied on tabla by Shen)

Dr Indranil Chatterjee (sitar), accompanied by Shen (tabla)

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