Monday, April 25, 2011

Parvati Valley

In our last couple of weeks in India we stayed in beautiful Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It had been 9 years since I'd been to the Himalayas and I was really committed to going up there while in India this year. It's such a healing experience to be up in those mountains, surrounded by the immensity of nature's power. We were mainly based in Manikaran, a temple town with many hot spring baths where we had a good soak twice a day, sampling the different baths around town. From Manikaran we took a few day and overnight trips to different places in the valley - Kasol, Tosh and Malana. There are so many photos, I can't post them all here, so please visit my Facebook India 2011 and mobile uploads albums for more.

Shiva Temple, Manikaran on the banks of the Parvati River. Notice the steam rising on the left where the hot spring water meets the river.

View from Tosh

Natural slippery-slide in Tosh

Walking back from Tosh
Malana village, a bit over 3000m
Malana school

Parvati River

View from Tosh

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Marla said...

Your blog is a blast to read- I am doing a project for my world music class on Hindustani tabla.. for some background research and fun, you should post videos of some performances, if possible! Great pictures from India, and amazing to see such a great insight to what it is really like to be a tabla player.