Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sacred Music + Winter Solstice Festivals

Tenzin, Feridun and I headed up to Redcliffe to take part in the Sacred Music Festival there on Sunday June 19, organised by Moreton Bay Council. The event brought together musicians and dancers from the major world "faiths", including "Australian Aboriginal Faith". Reading the event publicity, it looks like my faith is "Fusion." :-)

Michael Connolly - Australian Aboriginal Faith

Michael Knopf - Bahai Faith

Namita Debroy - Hindu Faith

Tenzin Choegyal - Buddist Faith

Feridun Avar - Sufi Islam Faith

Feridun and Tenzin with Shen Flindell - Fusion

Northey St City Farm Winter Solstice Festival

After the Sacred Music Festival we zipped off to Northey St City Farm where Tenzin and I were joined by Tibet2Timbuk2 regular guest Peter Hunt for the Winter Solstice Festival. The City Farm's solstice and equinox festivals bring loads of community together to eat the delicious veggies they've grown and enjoy great local music, winding up with a ceremony to light a big bonfire and dance to Spankinhide's African drum grooves.

Tenzin, Shen and Pete at the Northey St Winter Solstice Festival

Winter solstice bonfire


Nooreen said...

Dear Shen
Great photos of the Sacred Music event!
Sorry about your faith being fusion, sounds like topic for discussion.

Shen said...

My pleasure and many thanks Nooreen.
No worries about "fusion faith", it's just a bit funny!
"Fusion is my religion"