Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turkey2Timbuk2 @ West End Carnivale

Last Saturday Tibet2Timbuk2 spinoff band Turkey2Timbuk2 opened the West End Carnivale. During the process of booking the show we discovered that Tenzin had another engagement, so we decided to rehearse a few songs with our good friend, Turkish musician Feridun Avar. All the acts were supposed to wear masks but as the day wore on it became clear no one was bothering with that too much. It's quite hard to communicate while wearing masks! Anyway we were first up and as you can see from the photos we took a mixed approach.

We opened with a short mantra session from Yuki with ambient sounds from Marcello (guitar) and Pete (trumpet).

Feridun, Shen and Marcello, with a bit of butoh-inspired exit dance from Yuki.

We started at the same time the festival gates opened, so thanks to this extra-keen supporter.

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