Monday, January 11, 2010

NYE Boat jam with Tahir

To celebrate the end of 2009, we braved the cold and went on a little Ganges boat trip with singer Tahir and a bunch of friends. Tahir is an American well-trained in Qawwalli singing and studying khayals etc in Benares, who sings with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. He will be in Byron Bay this year so look out for his concerts and workshops in the area. Hopefully we'll be playing together in Brisbane too.

We went along to Kashika Music Ashram's New Year's Eve concert that night.

Dr Shrabani Biswas, who happens to be the sitar guru of our friend Hiro Minamizawa.

Sukhdev Mishra (violin) accompanied by Gyan Swarup (tabla)

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