Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ghat cricket

You may or may not know that I quite enjoy watching and occasionally playing cricket, and I really enjoyed seeing the games all along the ghats in Varanasi. My camera is not so great, so I hope someone better equipped and skilled than me will someday take this idea and publish some really nice photos on this theme - please leave a comment if you find something.

In the buffalo field next to my guest house

There are actually 3 games of cricket going on here: one front left, one front right, and one on the right a bit further back. Harishchandra Ghat (second cremation ghat) is a bit further back on the left. Most of the kids playing here were all dressed in the brahmin gear. I guess they must have just had a class or initiation or something.

Lot of chuckers on the ghats... This action wouldn't last long in Australia.

I think this ball clean bowled him. Not much defensive play on the ghats.

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