Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kathak dance Raj English School

Last Thursday I took part in a Kathak programme at Raj English School in Paharia, near Sarnath. I performed there a few years ago with sarod player Shuji Yamamoto. Once again it was organised by my Guru-ji's son, Dr Debabrata Bhattacharya. This time he asked me to put together a Kathak programme with some foreigners, so I gathered together dancer Kazumi Nishikawa (who I've been practising with in Varanasi for the last 5 years), sitar player Yohei and harmonium player and singer Yuki Taniguchi. We rehearsed daily for a couple of weeks and I think it went down pretty well. We even got a few articles in the local Hindi newspapers. It was an excellent learning experience; at last I started to get to grips with some of the non-composed sections of Kathak dance, like upaj and gat-bau (dance drama).

Kazumi Nishikawa (Kathak dance)

The band: Shen (tabla), Yuki Taniguchi (vocal, harmonium), Yohei (sitar)

Bust a move, Kathak style

Spinning spinning spinning

Some of the 500 or so kids who watched our performance

The artists: Yohei, Shen, Kazumi, Yuki

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