Sunday, January 18, 2009

20 Ways to Help Tibet2Timbuk2 Achieve World Domination

So, now that Tibet2Timbuk2's new CD "Music is Life" is now on iTunes etc, as well as having pages all around the web including Facebook and Myspace, I thought I'd put out a request to all our friends to help us get our name out to the world.

Here are 20 easy ways to help Tibet2Timbuk2 get our name out there:

  1. Buy a track or the album from iTunes, Amazon, eMusic or Napster.
  2. Write a nice review at iTunes, Amazon or eMusic.
  3. Give the album 5 stars at eMusic
  4. "Tell a friend" about us at iTunes, eMusic or the EthnoSuperLounge Store.
  5. Share a track or the album at Napster.
There are loads of helpful things to do at our Facebook band page:
  1. Become a fan
  2. Add to your page's favourites
  3. Share the page with your friends
  4. Click on "iLike this Artist" (and add iLike to your profile if you don't have it already)
  5. Scroll down to the My Band application, and
    • Become a Fan via My Band
    • Play some songs to boost our playcount
    • Share songs with your friends
  6. Write on our Wall or Discussion Board, post photos, videos and notes if you can
Here's a list of social networking sites we've got pages on. Please be friends with us! At the time of writing, I've done a bit on ReverbNation and iLike (which are related to Facebook apps) and MySpace, and almost nothing on the others, but I hope to get to them all eventually...
  1. Myspace - Add to friends, Add a song to your playlist
  2. ReverbNation - Become a fan, Join the street team, Share songs with friends
  3. iLike - Click "iLike this band", Play some songs, Click "iLike this song", Add to friends
  4. Bebo
  5. purevolume
  6. Virb
  1. Put links to all around the place - on your website, in your email sig, on social networking sites and forums
  2. Add our ReverbNation widget to your Myspace, LiveJournal, anywhere you like - easiest found at on the right hand side - click on "SHARE"
  3. Write a nice message at our website's Guest Book

Comments and suggestions most welcome!!! :-)

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