Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A wonderful Rosey Party

We had one of the most wonderful parties ever at Rosecliffe St on Saturday night. We'd done the place up nicely with lots of candles and coloured lights, a nice fireplace on the front deck, some cruisy world/jazz/funk music playing and loads of beautiful curries and cakes on the table. A really interesting bunch of folks came including students from Korea, Japan and South America - all up around 100 people - but the highlight would have to be Wala, a drumming band from Ghana, who came along with Elliott and played a great set with lots of singing and dancing.

After all that excitement and a bit more cruisy music, there was a 3am mellow acoustic jam with flute, guitar and tabla plus Josie throwing in some African dance, followed by some deep ambient music til dawn for the folks who couldn't tear themselves away. A beautiful night - thanks to everyone who was part of it.


ward said...

this was an awesome night shen - beautiful people, lush food and excellent riddims. thanks so much for hosting the event and for everything you do for music and joy.

Elliott said...

yes Shen, fun night, and we didn't bring the house down! thank goodness, we live to drum another day! looking forward to the next one. Josie loved what you were playing for her dance!
bless! Elliott

ward said...

now if only i could learn to dance like this as an accompaniment...