Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hilary's happy retirement

It's been ages since I've blogged, mainly because I'm between cameras. My old one broke, I bought a new one, then the battery doesn't work so now I'm waiting for a replacement to come my way. Soon I'll be able to get back to regular snaps with little stories, and at some stage I'll report on what's been happening in these camera-less days.

In the meantime, one tale with accompanying photo. I took my old van Hilary for her final drive a couple of weeks back. She's found a happy retirement in the back yard of the Olsen family, where she'll be a cubby house for their 3 kids. It's perfect. I was so worried about finding someone who wanted to keep her on the road - a major fund-sucker. This is so much better. Everybody happy. (And nice to put some money back into my bank account too...)

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Russell said...

Ahh... Hilary! So glad to see her find a happy home. She served me well, even if she was a tad thirsty! Good to see that she will continue to give smiles to kids, which I always found the most rewarding thing about driving her about.