Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taro Tour Part 5 - Steve Oda and Ty Burhoe

Following the craziness of Woodford, Taro and I were happy to take it easy for the last week of his tour. We had just a couple of small concerts - a home concert hosted by the Indian community of Brisbane and a temple concert in collaboration with 2 other touring artists, Steve Oda (sarod) and Ty Burhoe (tabla) from America. But first we attended Steve and Ty's own concert, at which Taro also played tamboura.

Ty Burhoe (tabla) and Steve Oda (sarod), with Taro Terahara accompanying on tamboura

Taro and Steve, deep in music

On Taro's last night in Australia, we had one of the best concerts I've ever been involved in: a jugalbandi between Steve Oda and Taro, accompanied on tabla by Ty Burhoe and myself, in the holy surroundings of Sri Saileshwara Sai Baba Temple in north Brisbane. The alaap was beautiful, but too long - 1 hour!!! The audience were wonderful, thank you. Special thanks to Dan Prasad and his family for hosting us.

Steve and Taro exploring Raga Puriya Dhanashree in the Sai Baba temple.

Double Jugalbandi!!! Ty Burhoe, Steve Oda, Taro Terahara, Shen Flindell, tamboura by Alicia

Many thanks to Taro for coming all the way from Japan to play with me. It was a wonderful experience. It is rare for me to have such a fabulous partner to play music with here in Australia. 楽しかったですね!

From now I have a much more open schedule. I'll mainly be teaching tabla to my growing number of students, and organising my monthly Global Soul Music shows. I'll be in Japan from late August for a few months this year, but otherwise enjoying the Australian lifestyle and doing what I can do develop Indian and world music here...

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