Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kora session @ Forest

It was one of my best World Music Wednesday sessions at The Forest yesterday, with regulars Ravi (jazz guitar), Tony (vocals/bongos) and myself (tabla) joined by Aden on kora. Aden's beautiful kora made an excellent base for the rest of us to improvise with, and Ravi & Tony's soloing was wonderful. Thanks heaps Aden - always welcome!

Aden (kora), Ravi (jazz guitar), Shen (tabla)

Aden (kora)

Ravi (jazz guitar)

Guess who...

Tony channeling Magambo spirits

Thanks to Ruth for taking the photos!

1 comment:

pantaloon said...

yay! kora is one of my favorite instument..
it might sound super-good with tabla