Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tadao + Shen on TV-Woo (Internet TV)

Part of my recent concert with Tadao Ishihama at Calcutta Night Vol. 39 has been uploaded to TV-Woo, a Japanese internet TV station. The music is Raga Kafi - Gat in Madhya laya teen taal. Check it out here!!!

There's a bit of spoken introduction in Japanese, but Tadao-kun is quite entertaining whether you understand what he's saying or not. Anyway the music starts after a few minutes... (Just to clarify, when you go to the video page, you'll first see a short video of Tadao introducing the event, then a short vid of Tadao introducing sitar, then a long video of our performance.)

During most of the tabla solos, the camera is focused on Tadao-kun... Reminds me of Doordashan's Nikhil Banerjee DVD. :-)

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