Monday, April 30, 2007

Live music streaming from Earthlingz Golden Week Gathering

Here at The Greenhouse in Chichibu, a few hours from Tokyo, for the annual Golden Week Gathering. This will be my 3rd Golden Week Gathering and it's always a wonderful event, but this year the lineup of musicians is particularly diverse. Plus as always there'll be cool DJs, delicious food, nice people, visits to local onsens and walks in the forest.

Click here to listen to the Earthlingz Radio live web stream

Please visit here for general info on the event and here for info on the musicians performing. The live schedule is here. The list of performers includes:
Taro Terahara (bansuri)
Kenji Sakasegawa (tabla)
Yamaquito Family (Flamenco Dance & Vocal)
Eric Mandala (various acoustic)
Mia & Miki (Balinese Dance - Legong Kuntul)
Taka Kurihara (sitar/vocal)
Aquilah (Hula & Oriental Dance)
Tim Hoffman (Shakuhachi, Vocal, Koto)
Shen Flindell (tabla)

Friends from all around the world can enjoy the music at this event via the newly set-up Earthlingz Radio live web stream. We are sending out a stream from the mixing console, so you'll hear DJs (mostly playing downtempo and ambient chill music) and in the evenings live music and live-DJ jamming. Please drop me a line with any comments on the stream - whether you're having problems, comments on sound quality and music, etc. I'll warn you in advance that we're currently having a problem with the left-right balance and I don't expect the live sound from the PA to sound particularly hi-fi.

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